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Schuhe und Strafrecht

2010-04-21 11:52:37
Geraskin, PE
Schuhe und Strafrecht

Vladivostok, Russia

Employees of a department on struggle against contraband and crimes in sphere of the consumer market of Senior management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on Far East federal district have found out legal issue of the Chinese footwear which are hazardous to health in the city of Ussuriisk.

"The laboratory researches conducted at the initiative of militia, have shown that the Chinese commercial and industrial company" Tczisin"registered in Primorski Krai manufactures hazardous to health man's, female, children's footwear in which to contain poisonous substances. Merchant quantities of footwear from Ussuriisk disperse on many regions of Russia".

Experts of the Centers of hygiene and epidemiologs in Seaside and Khabarovsk edges have established that in footwear four substances which concentration considerably exceeds admissible the Russian legislation of norm contain. So, an indicator only on chloride vinyl over admissible ten times.

According to physicians, the steam inhalation of this chemical compound promotes formation of a cancer of a liver, a brain, lungs, blood.

At the Chinese shoe factory opened in Ussuriisk three years ago, works about 700 workers, it are citizens of the Chinese national republic. Seven lines of products daily manufacture 21 thousand pairs footwear.

Chineses live in territory of the commercial and industrial company. In one small room huddle on some persons on many-tier beds.

"Materials of militian check and the conclusion of experts of two Centers of hygiene and epidemiologs are directed to Investigatory management of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across Primorski Territory for decision-making on excitation of criminal case concerning chiefs of factory" Tczisin "as regards 2 articles 238 of the Criminal code of the Russian federation (" Production and sales of the goods which are not meeting the requirements of safety "). The article provides the maximum punishment till six years of deprivation of liberty".

Under its data, now the consequence finds out, how the company management "Tszisin" has received quality certificates of footwear made at their factory.

Two versions are considered. On one of them, for examination the product samples, corresponding to all norms and safety standards "have been given. Under the second version, doubtful data have been introduced to certificates and they are issued in defiance of the law, the interlocutor of agency has informed.

RIA- News agency was not possible while to receive the comment of company management "Tszisin" which constantly lives in China and comes to Ussuriisk for short time. The Russian operating shoe factory is not authorised by the Chinese company management to give comments.


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