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International: Thematisches Portal

2010-04-02 00:45:22
Geraskin, PE
International: Thematisches Portal

International Information and Business project for the shoemaking industry professionals "ExpoShoes Business Online"
 International shoemaking industry exhibition and trade resource on the Internet

     We offer you the First International Specialized Information and Trade project for the shoemaking industry professionals containing diverse information about this branch of industry. Informational on-line presentations of trade marks and their new collections, fresh news of the shoemaking industry, historical facts and fashion trends, highly rated articles, other thematic RSS news feeds, catalogues of products and services, on-line ordering for your products, production, sales and purchasing of the shoemaking industry products, communication and search for business partners are at your disposal.

We are presenting an International project for the shoemaking industry development providing services for promotion of your trade marks in different countries of the world and giving you opportunities for finding mutually beneficial collaboration. Our purpose is to achieve the best quality of our services and to ensure maximum convenience for your business, as well as to give all possible important information for it.

     ExpoShoes Business Online, the International thematic portal of the shoemaking industry, is topical for businessmen who try to save their time and to conduct their businesses in the most comfortable conditions placing the information aimed at their products and services promotion on ExpoShoes Business Online project. Our project contains a set of the following functions important for your business:

    Participation in tenders for production and supply of certain groups of goods for companies, firms and organizations of different ownership forms, as well as execution of other large orders on the tender basis;

    We invite the organizers of international exhibitions to participate directly in the partnership program based on mutually beneficial terms of cooperation in the future exhibitions coverage and attracting participants to exhibitions in other countries;

     Geographically and thematically targeted informational advertisements on our portal for promotion of your business – your trade marks and services you offer. Besides, you can target your advertisements and other necessary information to any country of the world;
    The possibility for on-line search of business partners by categories, instant messaging and information given directly by the products suppliers;

    The products ordering by companies or from them by means of instant messaging system using the data base, thematically grouped catalogues of the project users' products;

    Your direct participation in creating articles about you and your companies, which are published geographically targeted, i.e. the information is accessible by a wide range of users in the countries stated by you; presentation of your trade marks and your business to the whole world in different languages, which is important for the target countries audience;

     You have a unique opportunity to make yourself known by a certain groups of users including those in certain regions of Ukraine where we have 25 names (launching by turn, beginning from the middle of 2010) in each region – obuv, vzuttya (region of Ukraine).ua. We also have done some preliminary work in Russia and we are planning to develop this network further;

    We offer you great possibilities for search of business partners that will improve prospects of your shop or market stall in diversification of the shoemaking industry products (footwear, special-purpose footwear, skating footwear, erotic (strip) footwear, as well as handbags, belts, leather wares, footwear accessories and sanitation items, necessary fittings and many others);

    Our project presents the whole footwear production and sales cycle that is convenient for producers of this category. Taking prompt decisions will save your personal time and assets;

    The project provides for the possibility to adjust the security system independently, which includes banning a separate production or sales sphere visiting. A lot of other useful for you functions are also available;

    The project gives everyone who is concerned about his/her copyright a unique possibility to adjust the security system of the products catalogues choosing individual viewing settings of the information in catalogues. The project also gives a possibility to create a short demonstration of several models or nomenclature articles of goods without the right for re-viewing*;
    The products catalogues have an integrated security system (watermark, demonstration to only certain system users), they can contain any quantity of the presentational photos of your products and have no limits of number and size (depending on a service plan). You have a possibility to create any additional quantity of products galleries. Downloading a large quantity of photos gives you an advantage before the ordinary one;
    The possibility to get rid of the goods in poor demand and to clear production and other areas is an acceptable and quite a good alternative to increase your turnover.

Developing our project we are going to organize different entertaining evens, interesting meetings, participate in the world's fashion trends developing, demonstrate videos of your presentations, contests and many other things!

And this is not a complete list of the features and opportunities on this project on http://ExpoShoes.com portal.

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