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Aktuelle internationale Projekt

2010-05-23 10:50:58
Geraskin, PE
Aktuelle internationale Projekt

   Unique project that will give the shoemaking industry an opportunity to sigh with relief, since it takes care about saving working time and money as well as about personal convenience in shoemaking industry business running.
   «ExpoShoes Business Online» is a subject international project for the footwear industry development. The project includes a number of main functions for the convenient business in this production and sales industry, including those on the internet. The project assists in development of tighter commercial relations between all manufacturers and entrepreneurs that work internationally or regionally, in development of the production and sales of the goods that have a direct or an indirect relation to the footwear business.
   For everybody, both for manufacturers and for entrepreneurs, it is important to be in close informational collaboration within a huge team of those involved in this industry. On account of the soon and full starting up of the «ExpoShoes Business Online» project for the shoemaking industry, we offer everyone who is interested in our modern and  promising project and who wants to promote the goods and services of this industry, to register in the project and thereby personally test the working conditions at our project. As the project is being developed we are constantly working at its improvement and we will soon offer many more excellent solutions for the professional running of your business".
   We can add to the above mentioned that the most important part of the project work is the cooperation with the biggest international shoemaking industry exhibitions, international and national leather and footwear unions, national associations of the footwear manufacturers.
   In its turn the whole industry is interested in getting useful, time-saving and convenient informational and educative data, that can be given by any registered company or a business owner. The crucial point is that the user information can be delivered both directly to any country of the world or together with other countries on the account of orientation and multilanguage character of the information given by the users".
   A convenient advanced search will take into account the line of business and thereby it will make the search of the necessary companies or entrepreneurs easier. And the instant messaging function will give you a possibility of the unique demonstration of the goods you manufacture and sell, of the order placing according to the shoe sizes tariffs or individually in accordance with nomenclature articles, as well as of the order confirming in the instant convenient messages, that allows confirming the order legally.

   These and other functions are very beneficial from different sides for internal turnover increase and costs reduction. The international exhibitions organizers at our resource can themselves provide and publish information about the exhibitions, create articles and organize demonstrations of the albums about the shoemaking industry exhibitions that have been recently held. It will give the possibility to get acquainted with them virtually and to learn more about them.


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