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Von ExpoShoes und VIP-Annehmlichkeiten auf der Wel

2010-04-02 03:41:59
Geraskin, PE
Von ExpoShoes und VIP-Annehmlichkeiten auf der Wel

ExpoShoes Business Online, our international footwear industry development project, is a great way to place your company and to tell everybody about it

    We are the partners of the international exhibitions held by the National Leather and Shoe Union of Ukraine in Kiev under the names "Leather and Shoes" and "Art Expo Shoes". ExpoShoes Business Online project is going to establish official partnership relations with many major international exhibitions of footwear industry products and to visit them in Russia, Turkey, Germany, Italy and in other countries of the world.
    From the 20th till the 23rd of July 2010 ExpoShoes Business Online the project for the footwear industry development will be presented to numerous visitors of the international exhibition "Leather snd Shoes", that will be held in Kiev at the International Exhibition Centre on Brovarskiy avenue, 15.
Our project is a real on-line help to the international footwear industry, since it contains information on the whole production and sales cycle, diverse services, informational on-line support, on-line presentation campaigns, news from different companies and the latest fashion trends, information about the exhibitions that are being held or were held in the world and other useful information and useful and interesting events.

    We try to make our project convenient and effective for your business. We wouldn't like to reveal all information about our plans for future but we will try to make everything possible for more and more convenient work with our ExpoShoes Business Online project.
    ExpoShoes Business Online project has a blog, a forum that is beginning to function at the moment, we are preparing our resource containing your catalogues and useful instruments for the full-scale promotion of your business, your turnover increasing and acquaintance with the products of your trademarks by any countries of the world. The project will be presented in all basic languages of the world over time.

    You can do your business on our project under only one condition: you must be on the list of individuals or companies registered on ExpoShoes.com resource according to paragraph 1 of our User Agreement.

     ExpoShoes Business Online project is an exclusive project with extensive thematic content having a lot of useful information of different kinds and functions useful in the integrated work of the footwear industry with other manufacturers, business owners from different countries and other representatives of this industry working with each other in this kind of business.
At the moment we started publishing manufacturers' news and other informative articles. A part of these articles is included into the RSS newsfeed, which is a useful function that spreads the information among other sites, which subscribed the news, and thus recommends this information to the users interested in fashion, collections and footwear industry news, as well as to manufacturers and distributors.
    ExpoShoes.com resource is growing very fast being registered by search engines of the Internet constantly raising the ratings of our resource and is acquainting numerous resource users with various information placed on our project.
     If you want to begin a fruitful collaboration with us, please write to us in the feedback form using "Online Help"

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