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Über unsere Online-Ressource ExpoShoes.com

2010-04-09 02:41:27
Geraskin, PE
Über unsere Online-Ressource ExpoShoes.com

Dear visitors of ours the Internet a portal www.ExpoShoes.com!

   Accept in personal attention that our portal is constantly updated and in it new corrective amendments are introduced. Effort of our programmers and designers we constantly update and we will improve a portal, we make some changes of design and we develop program modules the personal forces!

   We receive many calls from people who attend to production of footwear, bags and accessories, and also representatives of this business who have shops of footwear, bags and accessories. Many questions are connected with activity and appointment of our portal, than it can be useful to private businessmen and manufacturers in the industry of production and sales? On some questions We will give you answers, to others, with the purposes of a trade secret, we not begin to tell.

   It is a little about the project of development of the shoe industry online:

- First of all we will try on given project to cover all ability to live shoe and way to it the industries of production and sales, having created all conditions for safe conducting your business, having given a lot of the information useful to you where the universal safety protected by system catalogues of your production, functions of protection of personal correspondence in instant messages, systems of transfer of orders from the customer to the seller and on the contrary will enter.

- Also we will offer you a full-function set инчтрументов for global advancement of the business or on the country advanced by you. For those who will place with us the information - we will be interested by improvement of indicators of your sites. We will grant additional services that is a necessary part of advancement of your business on the Internet: a writing of articles about your enterprises, placing of the information on them in any country of the world according to your desire. We will help you to find partners there where they are necessary to you.

- At present we attend to registration of design of our portal and we finish the basic functions of a study, internal and outside program works on the project are led.

 For this purpose it is necessary for you to send us on the E-Mail: info[at]exposhoes.com the letter in which send the text - presentation to 2000 (without a photo), to 7000 (1 photo) and to 100000 symbols (to 3 photos) with obligatory complete instructions of the legal address of your organisation (the manufacturer or its representative) in the international English, Russian or the friend languages for the news publication on residing or production territory of the country.

 If you had questions - call on phone indicated in the contact information or send messages on an E-Mail indicated above.

Soon start of the project. All successful business!

ExpoShoes Business Online.

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Nächste News
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