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Schuhe Dschungel. Herstellung, Verkauf

2010-04-05 00:20:25
Geraskin, PE
Schuhe Dschungel. Herstellung, Verkauf

Footwear Jungle

      For the first time our company has entered the shoe market in October, 2003 with teenage and youth range of footwear under trade mark SHKERS. The footwear differed bright stylish design and surprising comfort. We have taken at once «the place» in the shoe market and our footwear was in great demand at consumers.

      Since 2004 we have decided to expand the range with that began to develop and make footwear for children of school age. Since 2006 the trade mark of children's footwear JUNGLE has continued undertakings on development ассортиментных lines. The stored experience allows us to create originality of design and comfort for children's legs.

Over production the whole department of designers and technologists which specialise on children's footwear works. The children's range became the card for our company and is in great demand at parents and their children.
      Now range JUNGLE is very diverse and presented in an average price category by all dimensional groups is preschool, school and teenage footwear.

      Company JUNGLE itself develops design and makes four collections of children's footwear: "Spring-summer", "Autumn-winter" and "School", and also "the Celebratory" collection - a fashionable series of shoes for girls to especially solemn events.
      We work with large factories of China, we place orders at the Russian enterprises, and also we develop relations with the European partners and we work over creation of a new collection from the Italian materials.    

       The footwear is made from the best natural and imitation materials for footwear top, for a lining - the genuine leather, textiles for demi-season footwear and natural fur for the winter is used.

Our technologists and fashion designers constantly trace and supervise all production cycles that guarantees a choice quality and observance ГОСТов by production of footwear JUNGLE.

Our technologists and fashion designers constantly trace and supervise all production cycles that guarantees a choice quality and observance ISO by production of footwear JUNGLE.

Our co-ordinates:
- From m. Nagatinsky: the last car from the Center, to the right from glass doors, to the right on transition, a tram №35, №47 to ост. "7th trolleybus park".
- From m. Kolomna: 1st car from the Center, on the left from glass doors, on the left on transition, to the right 20м to pass between tents, a tram №35, №47 to ост. "7th trolleybus park".

Ph. office: (495 744-04-78.
Ph. a warehouse: (495 648-95-73
Warehouse business hours: 09:00 – 17:30

The address: 115487 Moscow, street Nagatinsky, д.16

The OFFICE of ADMISSIONS is from outside Nagatinsky street. The admission on entry can be received in OFFICE of ADMISSIONS, previously having called on bodies.(495 648-95-73

Entry №1 from outside sinks.
Entry №2 from 2nd Nagatinsky lane, directly up to the end.

Regional representations:
199155, St.-Petersburg, street Ural, д. 17
(812 319-36-18

Open Company "Megacity",
194292, St.-Petersburg, street House-building, д. 4
(812 603-28-30
(911 743-69-36

The footwear by the gross - "is lovely"
Ekaterinburg, street Chernyakhovsk 86
+7(343) 278-66-19
+7(343) 216-63-40
+7(343) 216-63-41 (fax)

Open Company "Sailing vessel"
Stavropol Territory, 3rd km. Georgievsky highway,
ТК "Privokzalnyj", pavilion № 7
(905 492-67-78, (918 807-09-98, (928 358-37-43
т. A fax (8793 33-60-32, an e-mail: parusnik77@yandex.ru

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