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Orthopädische Schuhe

2010-04-08 14:43:36
Geraskin, PE
Orthopädische Schuhe

About the company

In 1992 in Moscow the medical firm which began to attend to production and realisation of orthopedic items has been based. Well understanding requirement of domestic medicine available modern designs, for their working out the best experts of various specialities have been involved: surgeons, orthopedists-traumatologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, rheumatologists, реабилитологи, engineers, technologists and others.

Result of work was creation of the whole series so necessary adaptations which on the medical and constructive properties, and also on design, do not concede to the best world analogues. That is very important – mainly it is items of mass demand:

- Means for preventive maintenance and treatment плоскостопия: orthopedic insoles-instep supports, an orthopedic cuff (a coupler of the cross-section arch of foot), intermanual proof-readers of foot, proof-readers of deformed II and III fingers, the functional proof-reader for correction of position of the first finger of foot (a night bandage), the proof-reader of the cross-section arch of foot (insert);
- Means for preventive maintenance and treatment of traumas and diseases of the top and bottom finitenesses: напульсники; кистедержатели; an orthopedic glove for deduction ходунков and crutches at weakness of the svjazochno-muscular device of a brush; лонгета (a bandage a forearm-brush) neurologic for patients after a stroke; bandages; bottom finiteness; talocrural bandages.

The huge attention is given means for the prevention and treatment of an osteochondrosis, a radiculitis and backbone curvatures - an orthopedic pillow for a dream "Sleepyhead"; a cervical bandage of "Anatomik"; proof-readers of a bearing "Cypress"; lumbar bandages, an orthopedic pillow – support of a waist "Ljumbo-lux".

The developed items were tested and approved in leading medical institutions of Moscow. Results were discussed on the international and Russian congresses, symposiums, conferences and have received positive responses. Adaptations have repeatedly been presented and shown at exhibitions. For their creation firm and authors are awarded by gold honeys of the All-Russia Exhibition Centre in 2001г. And 2004 And silver on VII Moscow International Showroom of industrial property, and numerous diplomas.

Does not cease and constantly work in contact to practising doctors over perfection of designs and line extension proceeds. For realisation of these purposes in 2004 Medical research-and-production association of "Parizo" has been created «.

All manufactured items are protected by patents of the Russian Federation, certificated, have received registration in Minsotszdravrazvitija the Russian Federation. Production «ПАРИЗО» now well-known not only in Moscow and St.-Petersburg, but also in regions of Russia. Our partners are, the Medical auction, Iatrotechnics №1, Iatrotechnics №5, Open Society "Medicine" - Moscow, the orthopedic enterprises of of Pskov, Perm, Smolensk, Kirov, Vladimir, the Krasnodar chemist's management, hospital VAZ of Tolyatti and many other things.

The special place in activity takes rendering of the protezno-orthopedic help to the concrete person. With that end in view in 1993 we had been opened the orthopedic showroom first in Russia in which patients find not only necessary adaptations, but also receive the detailed qualified recommendations and advices about their use. The range of offered items included own production designs, and also the best items of domestic and foreign manufacturers: orthopedic pillows "Trives" (Russia), «HERMELL» (USA), mattresses "Pasteur" (Russia), bandages «OPPO», «Scott», «EZY WRAP», «Champion» (USA), «ORTEX» (Czechia), компрессионный jersey "Relaxan" (Italy), «MEDI» (Germany), the adaptations applied at плоскостопии «GT» (Italy), «Orthokomfort» (Spain), «Apex Foot» (USA), «TACCO» (Germany).  The firm Initiative has received wide recognition at experts and the population. By us the network of showrooms "PARIZO" in the cities of Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Saratov is by this time open.

Always it is possible to find a wide choice of adaptations in showrooms for treatment плоскостопия, the deformed feet (insoles-instep supports; the proof-reader deformed (молоткообразных) foot fingers; intermanual proof-readers; the functional proof-reader for reduction of the first finger of foot (a night bandage); an orthopedic cuff (a coupler of the cross-section arch of foot); orthopedic items for formation of the cross-section arch of foot (insert); orthopedic footwear for preventive maintenance and treatment плостостопия firms "PENELOPE", «KALKOS», «ROMUS» (Spain), «BIRKENSTOK», "PAPILLIO", «BIRKIS», «BETULA», «ALPRO», «FOOTPRINTS» (Germany), children's footwear «ВЕВЕТОN», «ORTOPEDIA», «MEGA» (Turkey), «TATAMI», «BIRKIS» (Germany); orthopedic pillows (under a back, a head, feet) and mattresses for children and adults; bandages and corsets; kneecaps, ankle joint clamps, лонгеты and тутора; Medical and preventive stockings, stockings and golfs; tyres for treatment of dislocations of a hip; masseurs; medical a vessel crutches, canes, invalid carriages and many other things.

All production has proper certificates and registration.

By this time already many experts (orthopedists, surgeons, traumatologists, rheumatologists, etc.) medical institutions of various regions of Russia apply them in treatment of the given category of patients.

Functionality and choice quality of items, and also flexible price policy ensures high competitiveness of production "Parizo" in the Russian market.

For individual buyers the firm offers services of orthopedic showroom in which it is possible not only to acquire all range of presented production, but also correctly to pick up items according to the diagnosis and the size.

To satisfy the majority of patients we try to adhere to optimum price policy. Therefore in our showrooms there are items cheap, an average price and expensive (known foreign manufacturers).

We are always glad to help our clients! Even, if the rare adaptation which is necessary for the patient and the doctor is required, and it available is not present, we will deliver it within several days.

Wholesale departments work with all regions of Russia and the CIS. We help to choose optimum range of our production, we consult on an occasion of opening of orthopedic showrooms, regularly we inform on range novelties.

Today «PARIZO» is a collective of adherents of scientists, doctors, ортезистов, engineers, production workers, managers - one of recognised leaders, continues working out of new generation ортезов and bandages and improves the work on rendering of the protezno-orthopedic help to the population.
Our contacts:
Moscow, Sobolevsky of avenue, д.20
Bodies. / a fax: (495 708-88-50

E-mail: parizo-ltd (*) mail.ru

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