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Schuhe und interessante Fakten

2010-04-24 11:41:12
Geraskin, PE
Schuhe und interessante Fakten

The most expensive shoes in the world

   Two pairs shoes apply for this title. Both are made by the well-known jeweller Stewart Vajtsmanom. Red female shoes on a high heel are covered by 960 rubies. They are made just like red shoes of Elli (Dzhudi Garlend) - heroines of the Hollywood film "Wizard of the country Oz" of 1939. Masterpiece cost - 1,6 million euro. Shoes have been made of one Hollywood star, wished to remain incognito. Other pair - the shoes weaved from platinum threads and decorated with 464 brilliants, cost half less and have been noticed on last year's "Oscar" on actress Lore Harring.

The Hollywood mania on footwear

   According to the data of the Italian association of manufacturers of footwear, the majority of the Hollywood stars suffer footwear purchases literally. All new and new footwear does not stint acquisitions anybody. Some inhabitants of Beverly Hills have in the clothes to 1000 pairs. The mania is peculiar not only to women. Actors buy to 6 new pairs a year. And it is far not a limit! By the way, stars prefer the Italian marks.

The shoe country

   Not in vain Italy has the form of a graceful female boot on a card. It is one of the most shoe countries in the world. Here create footwear over 30 000 big and small enterprises. However champions by quantity of bought footwear are Frenchwomen.

Invisible sandal of Ferragamo

   After the Second World War, observing of work of fishermen in Florence, to designer Ferragamo the idea to make barefoot persons has come, using instead of a skin nylon threads. To create illusion of an "invisible" shoe of Ferragamo cut out from a tree a heel in the form of a wedge so that the foot seemed simply weightless in air. It has replaced leather crosspieces with nylon threads, having spent them from one party of a sole to another.
   Depending on light conditions the top part of such sandals-barefoot persons often seemed invisible while under a certain corner it seemed, as if the heel floated by air. Despite all virtuosity and the present avalanche of publicity of a sandal were not bought almost, their unreasonably high price was fault to all. In 60th years "invisible" shoes have endured the present furore. Heels and fringings of these fashionable it is at that time exemplary fashion designers decorated brilliant stones.

On Philippines the greatest is created in the world of steam of footwear

   On October, 28th, 2002 on Philippines the greatest pair of footwear in the world is created. The length of each boot makes 5,5 metres, the width of 2,25 metres and height of 1,83 metres – carries them the giant growth of 37,5 metres could.

   The group of ten masters of the city of Marikana worked on a masterpiece – shoe capital of Philippines.

   Now the pair which cost by estimations makes 2 million peso (37411 dollars), is exposed in a shoe museum of Marikany. On manufacturing of boots 77 days have left. On the top part of each of them 30 sq. metres leather, on an insole, a sole and a welt – accordingly 250, 280 and 80 kgs of a leather of a vegetative kind of processing have gone. Masters also needed 225 kgs of glue and 1000 metres of threads. It would be possible to make 250 steams of usual footwear of such quantity of a material. Huge high overshoes have every chance to enter into the Guinness Book of Records – we will remind that at present record pair has length of 3,12 metres.

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