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Wie Pflege für Schuhe

2010-04-02 04:05:52
Geraskin, PE
Wie Pflege für Schuhe

How to preserve winter clothes and safeties, to protect it from snow and salt?

Elementary rules

       Disputes on that, it is how much humane to have in clothes leather footwear and a fur coat from natural fur, let lead in warm and pure Europe. Our winter does not suffer substitutes of natural materials. The footwear should be leather, and a coat — fur. Therefore at us winter clothes — expensive acquisition and to update it always not to each on a pocket. That the fur coat or boots have served some years, care is required to them.
       With business footwear are more difficult: on it it is necessary the basic mud blow. It is necessary to observe at least elementary rules of care. After street the footwear needs to be wiped a dry rag — to delete dirt and salt traces that all it has not dried up directly on a leather. To wash off water a dirt I do not recommend — the leather does not love a moisture, — as well as to dry blotted footwear on the battery ".
       Moisture, and then warmly — the worst enemies of a skin. And that is why. The matter is that a leather — a microporous material. In the course of manufacture a leather soak in a special solution with a wood dust. As a rule, the oak (from here and the term leather) is used. The smallest wood parts get to skin pores, and it acquires the necessary form and for some time water-repellent properties. When the footwear has hardly got wet, microscopic wood stoppers in a footwear time inflate — and the skin gets out of the shape. If footwear fast to dry in heat, the inflated stoppers as wedges, will start to destroy a leather surface — are formed microcracks which become each time more and more.
       If the footwear has dried up and on it there were salt divorces, at all do not use hot water and the more so boiled water. Such method like effective — white divorces disappear. But on their place remain similar to scars взбухшие contours. If near at hand is not present спецсредства, advise to destroy salt milk.
       In the winter in general it is possible to carry not any footwear. For example, exotic leather for our winter are not adapted. It it is no wonder: neither the python, nor an ostrich, a crocodile are not found in Russia, and conditions of the Russian winter even did not dream them, therefore it is necessary to consider region at footwear operation. Any impressive skin — a python, a snake or fish — it is unconditional, in care it is more difficult than a smooth leather. It is a material for expensive evening or elegant footwear which can be carried only occasionally in the winter. Admirers of footwear and clothes from a light skin need to consider that at it less proof surface, than at dark and to expect for long term of its service it is not necessary.
       Before to start to carry footwear, it is necessary to supply a sole with a preventive label which does not slide. Each season needs to be changed "preventive maintenance".
       For footwear proper storage are necessary распорки, approaching on width, completeness and a style for concrete pair. For example devices from J.M. Weston are made not of a cedar, as at other manufacturers, and from a sandal-wood tree having high absorbing properties that in especially important winter at storage of damp footwear. Really for any boots it is possible to find the individual device in this boutique. However in the countries east evrope shops do not hasten to supplement the range with this subject.
Means of special function

       Today means for protection against a moisture and salt or colour and invoice restoration can be found for any even most unusual, footwear pair.
       Means happen several types and appointments. Creams, sprays and tubes with a sponge have, as a rule, only water-repellent and painting properties. But there are also special means — soap, oil, polyroles, impregnations, cleaners from snow and salt traces, deodorants etc. For suede, smooth, impressive and a patent leather, textiles and even exotic pythons and crocodiles, fishes and ostriches there is a ruler of means.

     It is better to resort to some means occasionally. For example, if without damp procedure from a smooth skin it is not possible to remove a dirt from footwear, it is possible to take advantage of special soap or a cleaner from salt and a snow touch. The colour reducer, solvent of stains or means against cracks need to be applied only necessarily and not more often two-three times a month.
       First, the cream or other means need to be selected strictly for colour of footwear. If necessary колера it was not possible to find, is better to take advantage of colourless means. Secondly, for care some means are required at once. For example, a looking after cream, a spray protecting from a moisture and adding shine, plus of means for operational development — brushes for cleaning and polishing. Suede and exotic leather require special means. Thirdly, oil for a leather sole, that it not  from water in the winter is necessary. House brushes should be a little: one — for a black cream, other — for colourless, the others — for each present shade of a cream.
       To save on these means it is not necessary, as the prices for them are not too high. It is possible to find production in these price frameworks almost all leading manufacturers of means on care of a leather — Kiwi, Collonil, Cherri, Erdal, Silver and others. Besides, almost each shoe mark (for example, Salamander, TJ Collection, J.M. Weston) offers the whole ruler of looking after means for the footwear.

       The closing stage — footwear polishing. In an ideal for this procedure the brush made of a horsehair, or a polishing mitten from a natural sheepskin is required. Polishing degree — business individual. In the European countries the footwear can be polished to varnish shine, in Russia — to matte. For example trade mark J.M. Weston enters service in professional polishing of footwear in the technology accepted on the Champs Elysée. The given technology assumes cream use half-and-half with water. In a boutique it will be offered three kinds of polishing: matte — with drawing of a cream, varnish and restoring. Manufacturers offer that category of buyers which are ready to execute almost not fanatically all procedures on care of footwear, so-called road sets, into which two brushes — with pile black (for a black cream) and white colour (for a colourless cream), a brush and бархотка for polishing, a small horn enter. As a rule, in them the place and for a cream is provided.
       Sellers approve that many means on care of footwear suit and outer clothing. Certainly, a leather jacket to polish shoe polish it is not necessary. But in colour it is possible to look after suede boots and a jacket same brushes, cleaners and the sprays restoring colour.
        There are cleaners from a dirt, salt both a snow touch and paints-aerosols for fur. However it is better to acquire a special crest for a fur coat, intended for short or long pile gift copies reaches $60.


       At the time of when the cream for footwear did not exist, too there were methods of protection of footwear and clothes. Often a skin or fur looked after by means of articles of food.
       To save white colour of footwear, used, for example, a mix from milk and the shaken up egg white. A brown skin cleaned, and at the same time and tinted coffee grounds. Stains from colour footwear in a heading "to the Mistress on a paragraph" advised to clean off a bulb half. The lemon slice was necessary for shine achievement — it wiped footwear before polishing. A sole of footwear and seams on leather clothes greased linen or касторовым with oil that did not drop a moisture and did not creak. Suede looked after by means of stale bread or a rough surface match a box.

       And one method of care of suede from "antiquated technologies" and is rather actual to this day. It is suede processing over steam. And if the nouse of a boiling teapot today there are more advanced methods earlier was used. For example, that under the influence of steam of a fiber of suede were fluffed up, it is possible to use an iron with horizontal отпариванием.
       However, earlier to a course there was literally all. The become wet leather boots or a leather jacket, for example, rubbed with vaseline, and the become numb stains deleted table vinegar. Black suede clothes and footwear restored over a smoking candle or wiping a surface a transfer paper. That boots with long tops saved the form, them hung up on clothespins. And an unpleasant smell of footwear eliminated by means of a solution of potassium permanganate or hydrogen peroxide. For clothes and footwear with textile top used soap water with liquid ammonia addition (a teaspoon on a water glass) or petrol. For a footwear extension in house conditions to a course there were crumpled humidified newspapers.
       Fur items cleaned so: dirt stains degreased vodka and wiped hot mashed potatoes which then, naturally, deleted.

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