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Chinesischen Unternehmen wachsen

2010-06-09 14:57:10
Geraskin, PE
Chinesischen Unternehmen wachsen

While crisis tests the markets and the companies worldwide, the Chinese manufacturers of footwear increase production volumes. If earlier profit markup of the shoe industry of China was ensured by overseas consumers now the basic buyers are the domestic enterprises. We will remind, the title of the world's largest shoe manufacturers and exporters was fixed to China in the beginning 90.

   In China as marks ChinaPRO, footwear sew more than 4 million workers on 20 000 enterprises. The average monthly salary Chinese обувщика constitutes $150.
Every year in China it is made more than 10 billion footwear steam that constitutes an order of 70 % of world volume.

   To 2008 of the Peoples Republic of China exported 8,12 billion steam of footwear in the total cost $28,8 billion In China for the same period it has been sold an order 2 billion steam that has allowed to earn $44,12 billion Volume of shoe export from China has grown in 1,38 times, and its cost - in 2,34 times. The import volume has grown in 16 times, import cost - in 35,55 times. On the statistics published on a site of the United Nations, in 2007 the total cost of trade turnover of footwear in the world has constituted $134,8 billion, from them to China $24,6 billion, or 18 % from world indicators were necessary. It has once again confirmed lead of the Peoples Republic of China in the world shoe market.

   For 2008 the Chinese footwear basically was delivered to the USA and the European Union countries. Experts already mark also the important tendency in export of the Chinese footwear - increase in a share of the private companies in volumes of export deliveries which are capable to react operatively to changed conditions of the market with a respective correcting of own strategy. In total in 2008 in China was 13 848 enterprises attending to export of footwear. From them 6 776 have delivered the goods for the annual sum less than $100 000. At the same time 20 enterprises classified as average and large, have carried out in 2008 of delivery on $100 million

   In 2009 the tendency of decrease in volume and cost of export deliveries of footwear has proceeded because of a world financial crisis and the antidumping policy from outside the European Union and Peru. Reduction in demand occurred higher rates, than in the end of 2008 In June, 2009 the lowest cost of export over the last ten years has been recorded. In total in first half of 2009 China in general exported 3769 million pairs footwear on $12 050 billion that accordingly on 7,9 and 5,6 % it is less, than for the similar period of 2008 the Average export price of one pair has constituted $2,2, having decreased in comparison with first half of 2008 on 2,4 %.

   The basic importers of the Chinese footwear today are the USA, the EU countries and Africa. Thus at decrease in deliveries of footwear in the USA, the European Union countries and Russia growth in exports in the countries of Africa, АСЕАН and the Near East was scheduled. For the last five months 2009, China exported 750 million pairs footwear to the USA (on 15,2 % less, than for the same period of 2008) is 23,4 % from total amount of export of the Chinese footwear. In the European Union countries - 570 million pairs footwear (on 9,9 % it is less) - 18 % from export total amount, to Africa - 420 million pairs (a share in the general deliveries - 13 %). The export volume in the last direction has increased in comparison with the first months of last year by 30,5 %.

   In the African countries from China the inexpensive rubber and plastic footwear is delivered basically. The average export price for one pair has constituted only $1 that on 16,5 % it is less, than in 2008, thanks to crisis.

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