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Gut zu wissen, über Schuhe

2010-06-07 12:47:24
Geraskin, PE
Gut zu wissen, über Schuhe

Are assured that is not present in the world of any woman which never would carry shoes on a high heel.

   At many women and girls is convenient балетки without a heel and the barefoot person on a high platform. When we purchase footwear, we not always muse of its advantage, young girls especially do not muse. Always we wish that all was beautiful, as the high heel does harmonous our feet! But it is necessary to think of influence of footwear on health of feet always, even if very much footwear convenient and it колодка the stable. Doctors advise to wear footwear on a heel of any uniform above 5,5 sm only 2 – 3 hours per day not more often 2 – 3 times a week, - as in the future it can cause an osteochondrosis.

High heel

   Causes basin displacement forward that strengthens a bend of a back and displacement of vertebras. The calcaneal sinew at such constant walking in footwear on a heel remains out of work and in due course will atrophy.


   At carrying of hairpins the body weight is distributed non-uniformly. To problems which transferred above - foot goes, searching for a support, and also there are hypostases standing. The hairpin becomes more often than other kinds of a heel the reason of a dislocation of an ankle joint.


   If who thinks that the platform is harmless to feet this person hardly is mistaken. At walking there is a semicircular movement from a heel on a sock and consequently, there is a stimulation of many internal. The platform deprives of us it. Muscles and the sheaves supporting the arch of our foot, are not reduced and do not relax. There is a strong stagnation of blood circulation and decrease in spring function of foot that the art rose can be at the bottom further.

Footwear without a heel

   Even the footwear without a heel is harmful. It is deprived spring function that by degrees leads to illnesses of a foot.

Sharp sock at footwear

   The sharp sock at footwear leads cross-section плоскостопию. Thumbs of feet and little fingers are by degrees turned out, there can be painful cones on fingers. Only the help of the doctor Here will help. Hard outsets and fasteners infringe upon blood circulation of the bottom part of feet and can be at the bottom of a thrombophlebitis.

   We advise to remember the main thing, – at purchase the footwear should be convenient. It should not press and be close anywhere. Also it is not necessary to listen to assurances that it hardly to be carried. Within a week and, maybe, day it is better to alternate footwear not to carry to the same steam long.

   Teenagers till 18 years are not recommended to carry footwear with a heel above 4 – 6 sm because skeleton formation is not finished yet, and stones soft, pliable. Having come from work, can do trays for feet, and during the day do gymnastics for foot.

Try let's to legs have a rest is more often, go barefoot on a grass, look after a skin of feet – and your feet always will be beautiful and healthy!

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Vorherige News Nächste News
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